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Monday, October 9, 2017

Updates on Zoey

Zoey is still getting her chemo but doing very well. She finally lost all of her hair but has the softest, cutest little head. She doesn't seem to mind one bit! Her whole family made the drive from Oklahoma to Illinois this past week to see family. She hadn't made any trips in awhile and we all missed them SO much. She did great. I served up a big pot of chilli for everyone and it was a hit with Zoey too. Her appetite has been decreased but it seems chili is one of those things you can entice her with.

My sister Vanessa has had a lot of stress including hitting a deer on the way to our mother's house from my house. When it rains it pours it seems. They are all ok though and it was a rental so they got it switched out and were on their way again. They couldn't stay long because Zoey needed to get her inpatient chemo. She has a lot of energy and she and little sister Althea love playing with my dogs Punzie and Sammy.

Oscar and Vanessa still need a lot of help getting to and from Zoey's treatments. We have the gofundme account which I will link here. Please donate even $1.00 if you can. We are thankful for anything. It helps with gas and food on her weekly chemo days.

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