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Friday, December 17, 2010

One of Those Bad Mommy Moments

Gabbi and I headed to the mall today. I needed a dress to wear for Saturday and I also wanted to take Gabbi to see Santa. Unfortunately Santa was gone when we got there, I presume on lunch break. Even more unfortunate was that we didn't have time to hang around because my other girls got dismissed early today, for Christmas break.

I decided to swing into Hallmark really quick and pick up something for Gabbi. She didn't get to see Santa, so I figured I would find her a little something. Well she was grabbing at everything. It was such a huge mistake to take her in there. I kept telling her to hold my hand and she kept pulling away. She started grabbing at some jewelry, it was really crowded etc. I said "Gabbi come here" and grabbed her hand back, she pulled away and then of course fell down. She landed straight back. There were people all around. I bent down and kissed her and asked her if she was ok, but still frustrated that she was giving me such a hard time. I saw one lady walk away, I think assuming some people just shouldn't have children! lol You know if you think that you really need to take a step back and maybe down off your high horse sometimes. I thought to myself if only that woman knew the whole situation and also how very much I love my little girl. She's the world to me and I did everything I could to make sure she made it into this world safe and sound. I had to chuckle. Yes even I make mommy mistakes. I should have put her in a stroller but I thought it would be fun to walk around with her. Live and learn!!!! :)

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