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Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Never Sounded So Sweet and An Update on My Dad

I am so thankful it is Friday! I am tired and worn out from a very long week. I had to study so much that I had very little time with the family. I feel like I am neglecting them when my nose is always stuck in a book but trust me, I'd rather be doing something with them!

I am anxious to see how I did on my tests. I don't have results yet for any of them. The first test is always an indication to me of how I am doing. I use that test also to better know how to study for that particular teacher's test. Every professor is different.

My dad is back in the hospital by the way. They removed his gallbladder, and some other surgeries to help fix his jaundice. He ended up in severe pain the other day. He actually has never stopped being in pain. The pain is awful and the other day he felt dizzy and weak. That could be due to the fact that he can't eat because it hurts him too much. I am not sure. He went back in to the E.R and they said the stint they put in was blocked. So they put in a new one. They said he has an infection and they are treating him with antibiotics. They took every scan and test imaginable and found no cancer. They said he had pancreatitus (no idea how to spell that) but this week they say that looks fine now. My dad has been a medical mystery lately. I wish he would just get better!!

Now, I am going to take my mom some ibuprofen at the hospital because she has joint pain and has been sitting in the hospital for two or 3 days. Dad will be there for at least 2 more. It's definitely been a crazy week. I need a breather!

Oh and just a reminder you can vote for me every day at the contest I entered. Please vote, post, share and tweet my link. I need a TON of votes to even catch up to the top people right now.


lindsay said...

hey. I am SOO sorry to hear about your dad.. and usually I do not talk about this, let alone post about it on someone whom i do not know's blog.

but anyways. my dad had the EXACT same thing your dad is dealing with> He was bloated and sick feeling.. Ill feeling and overall getting worse. He went to a LOAD of doctors and had a BUNCH of tests from "specialists" and the only thing they could thing of was some gall stones or something.

3 days later my dad was in the hospital. my mom forced him to go (he was hiding how sick he really was but she found blood in the toilet and dragged him in on new years eve)

He was jaundice and having a hard time concentrating and understanding simple things (my dad was 54 by the way and three weeks earlier was super healthy, drinking, partying and having fun on a boat)

3 days later my dad died. They have NO IDEA why, but I have an idea. Aside from the complete LACK of diagnostic skills of ANY doctor we saw. It is KILLING me now, but I can NOT remember the name of the disease.

Its a pretty rare disease but accounts for a LOT of deaths where the doctors were stumped. Absolutely NO cancer or anything, and most doctors do not find a reason for random organs shutting down - specifically the liver and kidneys

I am searching for the name of the disease, but PLEASE.. get him in the ER and have him REALLY monitored and tested.. and be ON THOSE DOCTORS.. Like - ON THEM. they are not what we hold them up to be. most are grochy and overworked and dont CARE.

please.. i hate to scare you.. but if the docs find no medical reason, and hes not looking or acting better, do it

lindsay said...

I just found it..

I saw it on a show, and brought my dad's files to a doctor friend. He agreed it was VERY possibly that at its LATEST stages and it SHOULD have been caught right away not 2 weeks later

Medical Dictionary

BTW, about a month before he really went down hill he was being treated for a sinus infection.. thats when SOMEONE should have caught it

Hitesh Rawat said... of luck for do good.....\,,,/

examz were always and will be like this to them is never a prob....but yea...the result kills

Janet Gardner said...

Hi Sandra,
God Bless ya, you sure have alot on your plate right now. I will be saying a prayer for your father. I know how hard it is to watch your parent suffer in pain and not to be able to make it go away for them. You begin to feel helpless, even though they are getting all the care they need. I am sure just your presence is all he needs when you have the time. I always lifted my mom's spirits when we were around. Good luck with your tests, and I will be voting for you again and again.
Take Care of you,
Janet :)

heidi said...

Hope your dad is better and I just voted for you! You are gorgeous and strong and I hope you win:)

MaryAnne said...

So sorry to hear your dad isn't doing well. I hope he feels better soon, and that the doctors can figure out what is causing all this pain for him.

I've voted for you a couple times, I need to remember to vote every day. I would love to see you win!