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Monday, September 21, 2009

Poor Gabbi and Her Shots

Waiting at the doctor's office. Poor baby doesn't know what's coming!
We had to put off her 18 month shots several times. Honestly I am glad. I am never anxious to do the shots but I firmly believe the benefits are worth it. I love my baby girl and want to do everything I can to protect her.

We did 3 shots today including her flu shot. The swine flu vaccine is not yet available but we will probably do that too when it comes out as long as it appears safe, which so far it does. Remember even if you are not at risk for health complications from the flu many people around you are. Someone with asthma could be at a higher risk for death from the flu. I am sure you know people who have asthma! My daughter Angelina does. I believe in the flu shot to help protect others not just myself. I will be around people say at my oncology follow ups. I don't want to get anyone sick going through chemo! I remember how afraid I was. We must really take everything into consideration when we act like it's no big deal. I hate it when people say they get the flu from the shot considering it's impossible. You can possibly get sick from the mist because it does contain a weekend virus but the shot is DEAD. There is no live virus in it at all. So you cannot get the flu from it contrary to popular belief. You may have a reaction or you may feel ill but it's either a coincidence or just a side effect.

Rant over! haha Anyway I am glad Gabbi has her flu shot now that she is in daycare I do worry about it. She is feeling some pain though. She keeps waking from her nap, crying a bit and falling back to sleep. That's unusual for her. I gave her ibuprofen before her shots. I hope she feels better by tomorrow!!


Sandee said...

I think we can get our shots in mid October. We always get the flu shot. If we don't we always get the flu.

I'm glad Gabbi has her flu shot. I'm sure you'll do the swine flu shot when it becomes available. I know I will.

Have a terrific day. :)

Julia said...

I am SO on the shot bandwagon. As soon as the swine flu shot is ready I am in line!

The benefits far exceed the risks with all the childhood shots!

Hitesh Rawat said...

its better to be safe......and flu shots are must.....lets see how fast these H1N1 shots comes into the market......

and gabbi look beautiful in reflects on her face.......\,,,/

MaryAnne said...

Having lived in countries where children aren't vaccinated regularly, I've seen firsthand how valuable vaccines are. We'll all get our flu vaccines at Lily's 2-month checkup in October, and we'll be sure to get the swine flu vaccines too.