Thursday, September 24, 2009

Explore Modeling - Face of e.l.f. Casting: Please Vote For Me!

Explore Modeling - Face of e.l.f. Casting: Sandra

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Click the above link. You can vote once every day. I need so many votes. haha I don't know if I can do it!


Sandee said...

I voted again...keep reminding us. :)

Mommy Levy said...

Hi Sandee, I voted for you, hope you win!

BTW, if it's ok. can you also please vote for my husband's card design, here's the details

Thank You Dear!

MaryAnne said...

thanks for the reminder!

Cookie said...

Hello Sandi. First time to comment here. Read your post and just found that you have cancer and on remission. I'm so sorry to hear that but I am glad to know that you're ok and fighting for it. Praying for your health and for your family, too.

Anyway, I've voted for you. You look great and I guess you deserve to win, too! ;-) Good luck!!