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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Canceled Classes and Another Follow Up

After school yesterday morning I came home ready to spend the rest of the day finishing up my Statistics homework before class at 6. Well I got an e-mail from my teacher that afternoon canceling class for that night. I seriously danced a little jig. (No, I won't demonstrate this for anyone.)

I love it when that happens. The hubby hasn't been feeling well so I was able to stay home and keep him company. I myself have a sore throat now. I started to feel it yesterday anyway so I figured it was too late. Gabbi has a runny nose now and Angelina woke up coughing pretty good. Since she has asthma I worry about her getting that flu.

Other than that things are well around here. Gabbi got over her last episode of milk poisoning (Yes that's what I call it now) and is doing well. Honestly I contemplated HARD taking her to the hospital. I know the signs of dehydration though and she didn't have those. I thought it would be harder on her for me to drive the 30-40 minutes to the hospital lethargic and puking then it would be for me to stay home and hold her. I managed to get a little bit of fluid in her too so I just waited.

I know people are aware of nut allergies and bee stings and how serious those can be. I don't know that people have a clue how serious an allergy or digestive rejection of milk can be. I say digestive rejection because actually her allergy tests were ok. I have since learned that is actually pretty normal. So if your tests are normal do not assume you are ok with milk. Gabbi absolutely is not. It's scary.

I have been told though that Jason's uncle actually had the same issues as a baby. He's now a man in his upper 40's I believe. At the time soymilk was rare and they didn't know what was wrong with him. He lost weight and became very ill as a child. This was all until they started giving him soymilk. He then became a healthy, plump little baby. He did grow out of it too. I am thinking it is just something that happens. I don't know why and especially how someone could actually grow out of something so severe. I need to do some research.

I have a follow up on November 20th. It's hard to believe so much time has gone by. I have lost track of how many 3 month follow ups I have had now. I don't have too much to complain about at this checkup other than the horrendous throat pressure that never seems to go away for long. I hate the throat pressure. Some days it's ok. Other days I feel like I need to hack up a soft ball. I don't mean phlegm. I mean, it feels quite literally like there is a softball IN my neck. It's so irritating and makes me feel like I need to gag.

I get pressure in my ears too. My left ear especially always wants to clog up and has done so since the beginning of the whole cancer thing. I absolutely despise this sensation. I get angry too. I want it all to go away. I have to be thankful for my life though and I tell myself I am lucky. I shouldn't complain about the minor things. It could be so much worse. So I'll just be thankful.

I am not going to sit here and smile and say it's all easy because I think it's really ok that it's not. Who says you have to think everything is ok all the time anyway? We all know very well that it's not. I'll complain now and then. I never do much though. I'll go in and get my blood work. As long as that is good and the doc isn't concerned about anything it will be a pretty quick appointment. I love seeing the docs and nurses as usual. I love them all. They were with me through everything. Though they did their job I still felt like they cared very much about me and Gabbi.

Ok. This book is quite long enough! haha


maryanne said...

Hooray for a cancelled class! I hope Gabbi doesn't have any more milk poisoning episodes (good name for it, from your descriptions) - how scary and miserable for both of you. Hope your follow-up appt goes well!

The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

I've read some of your blog, and although I don't have the same story, I had a cancer scare while I was pregnant this year. I just wrote a post about it the other day, so feel free to check it out!

I hope you are feeling better and hope for only good things in the future for you and your check ups!


Hitesh Rawat said...

its always good to get a day off from studies..... \,,,/

i have heard about the bee allergies......that's one lethal allergy.....ppl die cause of it....

with that example......think gabbi will outgrow soon out of it...

Printing Postcards said...

This is a sweet post. I love the fact that you are staying positive despite the fact that life is not perfect. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story.

Wiggy said...

Cancelled classes are always good. Hope you're all feeling better soon. I've had the flu thing over here and its not good.

Wiggy said...

Hey I'm also nominating your blog for an award over on my site :)

BK said...

A canceled class was certainly a sweet surprise right especially when you are all ready to go for it. Glad to hear that Gabbi got over her last episode of milk poisoning. Hope everyone in the house be in good health.