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Friday, February 20, 2009

Pink Eye, Sore Throats and Colds, Oh My

Yes these things have been making the rounds at my house. First my daughter Angelina woke up with a swollen, crusted over and closed eyelid. It revealed to be very red once she got it open. We were prescribed drops. The eye began to improve quickly then the other eye became infected. Then Mikayla got the pink eye, from one eye to the next. So far no one else has gotten it, but now we are all, including myself, complaining of sore throats. Even Gabbi has a bad cold. So I guess it's that time of year. I hope we can avoid anything serious. I can deal with a bit of a scratchy throat.

I have done a lot of reading that says having Lymphoma can actually weaken your immune system. So I am not sure but I don't think mine is not as strong. I seem to fight off colds and illness just as well as I ever have. I read something about being more susceptible to catching things but still, I don't feel I have gotten sick more often. I guess being careful is ok regardless, but I really have not seen a change. It's just another one of those things. You never really do know what permanent changes cancer will bring to your own life personally. You can only wait and see.


Anonymous said...

I hope you and your family get over the crusties soon.

Sandee said...

I hope everyone gets well soon honey. You certainly seem to have your hands full.

Try to have a terrific weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's the time of the year. Back here, everybody is getting sick also. I hope you and your family will get well soon.

Take care.