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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday and More Snow!

I am so sick of snow I could just scream. I see others out there reading my blog that are excited at the thought of snow. There are those who haven't ever seen the stuff. Here's my advice to those who have not experienced snow. Get an old Refrigerator or a big deep freeze. Make sure it's the old kind that gets lots of frost thickly covering the sides. Scrape a bunch of it into a pile. Stick your hand in it and close the door. That's how pleasant it is! lol Ok. Fine. It's not that bad, because I am in my warm, cozy house. This is just how we start to feel when we get signs of spring around the corner and then it gets stolen from us again with a fresh layer of snow and more freezing temps. Right now it's a whopping 19 degrees Fahrenheit. I could really use warmer temps. I am ready for spring. I love the beauty of snow. I love seeing it fall and before it is touched it looks like a soft blanket of cotton. I do appreciate it. Anyone who lives with snow knows also that it makes driving conditions bad, it turns muddy and gross after plowing and sometimes it melts then refreezes into a hard layer of ice that it is near impossible to walk on! haha So yes, that is my complaint for the day. I will try and just be thankful for this fresh blanket of snow.........I'll try really really hard. :)


MaryAnne said...

I know what you mean...

Anonymous said...

It never snows here in tn where I am, so enjoy it for me..just a little! LOL