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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Love Thunderstorms

I realize that the weather has been horrible this spring but I usually absolutely love thunderstorms. I almost feel like that small pleasure has been taken from me because of all the damaging tornadoes this year. I normally never really worry too much about it. I have a nice full basement complete with a kitchen, etc. This year though I have been a little more watchful just because of the fact that the storms seem to be changing rather quickly from just a storm to dangerous. It hasn't been that way here yet and after another round of watches and warnings it seems to have passed again.

I do love a good storm though. I find them so relaxing. I like to just sit and watch. I love the smell of a thunderstorm on a really hot day.

On a different note I got another copy of Health Magazine today. The letter of the month was referring to the Pregnant With Cancer story. So cool. She won a camera for being chosen the letter of the month. Sweet!!! :)

1 comment:

Ms D said...

I LOVE thunderstorms too! And yay for you to be featured in Health Magazine!!!