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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Add My New Domain Name to Your Blog Roll and I'll add Yours

I changed my domain name. I need to start promoting this link It took me a long time to get what I got with the old link so if you have me with my old link or if you'd just like to add the new one please do so. The old one is still ok because it will lead you here anyway. I just want to be sure that anyone who googles cancer in pregnancy is able to find my blog. I believe it is helpful to hear someone's story that has a positive ending. So many people come here wondering because they themselves, a loved one, sister, wife is pregnant with cancer. It's a scary thing to go through.

That being said, if you add me to your blog roll or put my link on your page, drop your link here and I'll add it to my blog roll. :) Thanks!

1 comment:

MaryAnne said...

Finally got around to doing this! I'd love a link back to (I have a button you can use instead if you prefer, in my left sidebar).