Thursday, July 12, 2007

Had my Fourth Chemo Treatment on the 3rd

I had my fourth treatment, and it went pretty well. didn't really feel any nausea until the past few days. It's weird how that happens. I am slightly nauseated now, but not terribly bad. I didn't even have trouble with my port that day. I was tired though and kept dozing off in the chair. It gets fairly boring. But I am glad it went well and that I am feeling pretty good. I do get tired and it seems after my treatments my belly gets a braxton hicks sort of feeling. I decided to stay at home and rest the rest of the day after that and then I felt fine. I had another OB visit on the 6th and I got another sonogram done for the baby. He/she is still doing good and is very modest. I was hoping we could discover the sex, but the knees were glued tightly together. I have another appointment on the 20th. I see the high risk OB in August. My next chemo is on the 17th and will continue to update this blog. Thanks for reading!