Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 2008

I need a new update. It's already July 5th. It's so hard to believe how much time has passed by since this whole thing began. I see some people have come by the blogging looking for info. I am so glad to help people that are going through what I went through. I know the fear and uncertainty. It's so scary. You are not only feeling sick but now you have to worry about that new life growing inside you. It's hard to believe this could have a happy ending but it can and does! Gabriella is now 7 and a half months old! She was 19.5 pounds at her last check up. I can't help but giggle at that. She was 6 lbs 2 oz at birth. I know I have spoiled her but I think I'm gonna forgive myself for it. She's such a precious miracle. I worried about her so much and desperately wanting to make sure she's healthy I never let her cry for a second. haha She gets what she wants fast. I think I am in for a world of trouble for it though. She has us all wrapped around her chubby little finger. She can roll all over the room now. She doesn't crawl but I think this is her version of it. She can sit for awhile and when propped against the couch she can stand for quite awhile. I am proud of her accomplishments. Oh I think it wise to point out she has a milk allergy. I have had her on soy formula since about week 4 of life. She seemed super gassy and fussy especially when straining for a bowel movement. I gave her regular formula once and I will NEVER do it again. Let's just say it was not a pleasant experience. I myself am also doing wonderfully. I had a little cold last week but I think it's finally going away. I hate getting a sore throat. Any wheezing or pain in that area just reminds me of what I went through. I get nervous too at any pressure at all in my neck or chest. I think when I get sick the lymph nodes swell as normal but it causes extra pressure in my throat. I still have that scar tissue in there and thyroid nodules. I want to just feel no pressure ever again. I guess I can't have that though. I have my next follow up on July 9th. We are making a little family trip out of it since the doc is so far away now that we've moved. I still can't imagine seeing any other doctor. He's the best. I will update everyone on how my appointment goes. I think we are scheduling a scan this week. I hope we can do the scan itself closer to home though. I am going to include some new pics of the baby. She's such a big girl! She is also drooling all over the place. I expect that first tooth any day now. If anyone who reads my blog wants some words of encouragment concerning pregnancy, and/or Hodgkin's Lymphoma, please feel free to e-mail me! Put in the subject line something regarding Hodgkin's or pregnancy because otherwise it will get deleted or maybe in the junk folder. I hope I can help even one person. I also uploaded a pic of me singing recently. I love having the breath to sing back!!!

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