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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A New Van and Random Thoughts

Yes I got a new van. I've been driving a bright yellow Neon which let's be frank, suits me perfectly. I'm 5'2" about 102 pounds....and I have blonde hair. I sometimes think I look a little too perky. If I wear pink, which I love, I slightly resemble that girl from Legally Blonde. lol I still love it. I'll look like a Barbie Doll. I don't care. I think it's slightly annoying to *some* people. Oh I am not always like that. I do wear my dark colors too. I love purple as well. (chuckle)

Me in my usual pink.

I love this new van. It has a DVD player in it. I have been dying for one. I need it for long trips. I absolutely love long road trips. Especially with the hubby there. We have such good times in between breaking up fights between the girls. The doors are automatic on it. I am taking a little time getting used to it though. In the mornings when I drop the girls off for school it's kind of a speed drop thing. There is a huge line so we try to go fast. I pull up, they open doors, climb out, slam door and I go. Fast. Not today. I pull up pushing button for automatic doors to open. Nothing. CLICK CLICK CLICK. Nothing. UGH! Oh. Yeah. I UNLOCK the door. Click, open. Yeah!!! Now, click to close. NOTHING. EEEP! Line of cars behind me. Door will NOT shut. :( So I pull into a parking spot with the door wide open. I put the car into park, hit the button and it shuts. Apparently I'll have to put the car into park before that feature will work right. I'll have to learn to change up my usual routine which will take some practice at first. I am sure I was an amusing sight this morning. I always take the kids to school in my PJ's. haha

Random thoughts? It's December 16th. I know I say it a lot but hey, it's my month. My birthday is creeping up. The holidays are around the corner. I am thinking of this year as a lot of firsts. My first birthday in remission, my first Christmas in remission and let's not forget the New Year!! My first year without cancer in probably 5 years. Maybe more. I just know I started to feel symptoms in 2004. Who knows how long before that it actually started. So I am thrilled. Seriously I have had some depressing things happen this past month but you know, I won't be knocked down. I am strong and I just keep getting back up again and I always will. I am not easily brought down. I don't recommend trying. I am a fighter and really you have to be in life. Cancer could have killed me but I fought and if you get a cancer diagnosis you have to do the same. Do not ever think of it as a death sentence. As a commercial for a cancer center I saw said "There is no expiration date stamped into the bottom of your foot." I had a strong support system and it helped but it comes down to you. Like I said, I may fall....but I won't stay there. I get right back up again and if I have to, I'll fight some more.


Davida said...

Congrats on your new van. You look great in Reese Witherspoon.


Sandee said...

I think you look wonderful. Pick is a good color for me too. Well, everyone says so.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)