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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Competition is Almost Over

I would love to have a chance on Wellsphere contest so please click and help me win!

Help sandilynn1975 Win PHBA!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sandi,

My name is Patty Murray, cou-founder of Hope for Two...The Pregnant with Cancer Network. I founded the organization in 1997; it offers informantion, inspiration, hope, and support to women all over the world. We are into 17 countries. We have 300 trained volunteer support women, who were once given a cancer diagnosis while pregnant. They support our newly diagnosed women. Check our website at or Join our organization today, and please link to our site so that we can reach more women in need. Hope that you are well.

I was diagnosed with aggressive, invasive Breast Cancer in 1995 while pregnant with my third child. He is almost 13 and very happy and heatthy. I have never had a recurrence and am very healthy and happy to run such a wonderful organization. My email address is