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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gabriella's One Year Checkup

Well, it's today. She should have had her one year checkup in November, but the doctor rescheduled a couple of times and then one time I myself had to reschedule. So today it is. I hate the idea of her getting shots, but last time she didn't even cry! I don't think I'll get so lucky today. I get sad when my kids get shots. I hate seeing them in any pain even if for a good reason in the long run.

Gabriella is not walking yet. Yes she is 14 months old. She is close to walking but not walking yet. I know she really should be but I am not worried. I totally blame myself for this. See, when you sit her on the floor she instantly will pick up any kind of fuzz, dirt, lint or bug nearby and immediately jam it into her mouth. She doesn't accidentally find things. She seeks them out. You cannot leave her on the floor for a millisecond or she will eat something. So, she has spent excess amounts of time with me holding her, sitting in her exersaucer or in her playpen. Lately I have had her standing up in her playpen and she'll cruise around it. I am feeling bad but even now when I try to make her walk she'll do it (with me helping), then get distracted by a lot of things. I have to keep getting her attention back on the walking thing. I think she's a teensy bit uninterested. Still, I can just tell and I think she'll be running before I can at an eyelid. We're off! Hopefully the shots are not too bad!

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