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Monday, April 27, 2009

A New Website To Check Out

Whether you are someone who is pregnant with cancer, you know someone who has been or you are just someone willing to offer some support please check out a new site and join in the message boards! I was contacted recently by a woman who went through all that I have. She was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. She had treatments while pregnant including chemo. She had her little girl a little earlier than I did but she is now a healthy 3 year old! Miracles still happen and we have gotten together hoping to offer comfort, support and guidance to anyone going through what we did. It can be a time when you are very alone. You shouldn't be! I want anyone who reads this blog here to go on over and sign up too. Right now it's 3 of us. The goal is to offer support. We can all offer support!

Just click the image above or go to to sign up! Join right in on the discussions.

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acos said...

i've visited your site and it's awesome... pls... do visit me at and follow me on google, twitter, technorati.... thanks...

Call Center Gal said...

Hi Sandi,

I will post this in my mom-themed blog. I hope you can get more members by doing so. :)

Have a great day!

manindo said...

Nice blog and like what you share.
Care for link xchange... ?

Sasha222 said...

Hi there. I came across your blog from another mom's blog and I think it's wonderful. My dearest friend had Hodgkins at 20 years old and right after she got her diagnosis she discovered she was pregnant. She ended up losing her baby during the chemo and was devastated and lost all faith in god and everything. She is cancer free right now, which is awesome, but has never been the same since of course. People don't seem to talk about, often enough, the fact that there are women battling cancer while pregnant, and that is why your blog is so important. I'd love to have my friend read your blog. Thank you!