Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm Going to Enter This One!

I honestly rarely enter online giveaways just because I never believe I'll win I guess. haha But this time I find this one too good to pass up. This ring is beautiful so I am giving it a shot.

Melissa at Melissas Jewelry and Gems is hosting this one. August 8th is her 40th birthday. In honor of the big event, she is giving away this Hot Pink Tourmaline, with White Topaz ring. Here are the particulars of the ring. It is sterling silver, size 6 1/2 band ring. Each stone measures appx 3mm round, 10 points each, for a total of 1/3 of a carat. It is a band ring, and sits nice, and low.

Now the rules: This contest started July 15th, and runs until August 8th at 8 AM. You must sign up to follow her blog. You must make a post on your blog, about this contest, then contact her at with the address to the post. Take the poll, at the top of her blog. It seems simple I am doing it. Look at that ring. I love pink. It's what got me. lol


MommaWannabe said...

Goodluck I hope you win this one:)

MommaWannabe said...

Goodluck I hope you win this one:)

Melissa said...

Good luck, so far there are six contestants

MaryAnne said...

Gorgeous ring, hope you win :)

Sandee said...

Good luck Sandi. I hope you win.

Have a terrific day. :)