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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Am I the Only One?

I am looking around at everyone preparing for school. I see all the parents getting their kids ready for the big day and I stop and wonder if I am the only one feeling the pain. Not of missing them, no. We got over that ages ago. I mean financially. I don't know how everyone does it. There is too much! My hubby did take a paycut at work due to the economic crisis. It hurt us bad. We fell a little behind on the kid's lunches at school at the end of the year. Having three kids it adds up. We were trying to get caught up but living paycheck to paycheck we found ourselves further behind each check.

Now a new school year starts and we forked over almost $400 just to register and pay for various fees and such. On top of that I have a list for each child 10 miles long of supplies to buy. Protractors, compasses, calculators, different colored folders, pencils, etc. Each child has a list that will quickly add up. On top of this Lexi needs a physical. Gabbi needs shots. Two of them are required to visit the dentist to go to school and our dental insurance sucks to put it mildly. SUCKS. Oh and each child needs TWO brand new pairs of shoes. One to keep at school for P.E. We haven't even begun to discuss new lunch fees. My question is this. HOW DO WE DO IT? I have no idea because the funds are just not there. We need new backpacks. They have no new clothes. I am not rich and I am not poor but things are super tight right now. I can't afford it. School starts tomorrow.



Unknown said...

You are not the only one. I feel your pain. Our girls are starting school this week. With new school clothes, tuition, and my wife starting a new business, we are month to month too. But, I keep telling myself that "everything seems to work out."

Unknown said...

I feel your pain. With two girls starting school this week, we are feeling the hit. My wife is starting a new business and I had to take pay cut (furlough). This means less coming in. But I keep telling myself that "things seem to always work out no matter how bad it seems."

Stephanie Manner Wagner said...

I know with 5 kids (3 of which are in school) I can definitely relate. School needs are expensive and then of course there are all the "extra" after school activity costs too.

I also noticed a friend commenting on facebook the other day that back to school shop was just as costly as Christmas.

You are not alone on that one.

Stephanie @
And Twins make 5!

Sandee said...

This has never changed Sandi. I'm a grandmother now and I can remember worrying about school costs every single year. How I managed as a single parent I'll never know. It's always been this way.

Hang in there honey. You and hubby will figure it out. Big hug. :)

Lynne said...

It really is expensive and I can't imagine how you do it with 3 children all in school. I've learned to start shopping early, we actually finished a couple of weeks ago. We take the supply list and head out once a week. We typically go to the office supply centers where we can find paper, spiral notebooks, pens and that sort of thing. Each week they have different specials and we can stock up. I'm talking really good specials like 25 cents for a 6 pack of spirals, things like that.
I took my daughter to Ross where she found her school bag for $8.
I would definitely put off buying anything that you can put off. Also, talk to the school, maybe you can qualify for the reduced lunch program. The kids get the same lunch, just at a reduced cost.

cynthia hoover said...

I might have some stuff for your girls. Taylor and I can go through her things and see if we can help save you some money. I know how it is. We had to put off a few bills this month to buy all the crap they put on those list.

Lidian said...

I know what you mean! It all adds up all right. One thing that helps us is that my girls love secondhand/vintage shopping. And places like Old Navy have pretty good prices for things like tank tops etc, so sometimes we go someplace like that, too.

I can't believe school is nearly upon us again!

Duane said...

I just linked to your blog! :D

Sherri said... are definitely not alone on this one. I think that is why I bargain shop everything. I watched all the sales this month and just have gone around grabbing things here and there that are really marked has made a big difference.

Melissa said...

We lived on a very tight budget for many years. My husband is one of the luckier ones, and actually got promoted. I shopped on Ebay for school supplies, and clothes. A lot of people sell their kids clothes never worn, or barely worn for dirt cheap. We homeschool now, but for two years my son went to public school, and the amount of stuff they demanded but never used was outrageous.

Lynda Lehmann said...

My heart goes out to you. That's why we need universal medical care, for one thing.

The important thing is that you all stay healthy. Hang in there, and stay cancer free!

Anonymous said...

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