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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday and No Homework!

It really does feel good to be done with this semester. I am doing a Basic Life Support Class next. That is August 15th and only that day from 8 to 4. I'll be CPR certified after that. I always felt I needed to do that anyway. I have four kids. I think it's a good class for anyone to take! Check your local colleges. It's a one day class and it's a Saturday. At least here it is and I bet it will be at other places too. I'll feel like I can better handle an emergency situation after having this ability. Now I was a lifeguard when I was 16 and back then I was CPR certified. Honestly though I had taken it in my high school and I have forgotten most of it. Most of what I have forgotten is the child and infant CPR. It's so much different.

I do hope everyone is having a great weekend. It's a bit gloomy here but I want to get out and do something. I am free of homework! I will have final grades posted Monday. I have my math grade but am waiting on that Psychology grade. Here is what I wonder. I made honor roll at my former college. I don't know if they even do that for summer classes but oh wouldn't that be nice? haha


Melissa said...

I agree, anyone who has kids should take even a basic CPR class, and first aide would not hurt either. It is so easy now, not like in the stone ages when I took it, no reason for anyone not to.

Chimica said...

I got my CPR class done with when I was still in highschool everyone should know how to do cpr it should be law but it's now sadly.. :(