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Friday, October 23, 2009

It's Not the Flu

Maybe it's not the flu but the whole house is sick! It is odd though how it all began. Last Friday night my sister came over along with a ton of friends for her birthday. We had a great time listening to music and singing some karaoke. Towards the end of the night my oldest daughter who practices being a baby sitter while I am at the house with friends fell asleep.

Bad girl. I do tease her that she is supposed to be proving to me she can babysit. She is almost 13. I think I'll be putting her in some classes this year. She is not very responsible though. She helps out a ton but I try to make her understand that she can in fact NOT fall asleep while babysitting. Gabbi was safe and sound though in our living room with her watching TV. I got Gabbi and since the night was ending let her kind of talk to everyone as they were heading out the door.

Gabbi is quite popular with the adults. She is the most fun baby you'll ever meet. She's happy and friendly. She'll remember how to say your name the first time you tell her. She'll give you a kiss and a hug the first time she meets you! This can be odd but she's just this friendly.

Anyway, she was around a lot of people. It could have been daycare, it could have been from someone else, who knows. The point is she woke up the next morning puking. She only threw up a couple of times, no biggy. She was fine. This week there has been a few episodes of diarrhea. Lovely, I know.

After this my daughter Mikayla calls home with a tummy ache from school. She misses two days but never pukes. The second day Angelina misses and that night pukes literally everywhere. Her tummy is killing her the rest of the night. The next day she is better.

So Tuesday I get sicker than a dog. I have a terrible stomach ache, just twisting and hurting. I also felt tired beyond all belief. I felt drained and delirious. I felt awful for 2 days. Today my stomach is a little sore but better and I don't feel drained and tired anymore. But guess what? Daddy is laying on the couch with a slight fever and a stomach ache and Gabbi is puking everywhere again! I think she has had this fighting to get the best of her all week and today was it. She has succumbed to it. She is tired and can't hold anything down.

So the sick bug is here. I missed my Wednesday night Math test. I am just sick to death because of it now. I can't retake it until December 2nd when the teacher has a makeup test day. I don't know what genius thinks that's a good idea because now I'll learn all kinds of NEW math stuff and then have to try to go back and remember all that old stuff. Ha! At least I have a practice test to study from.


Sandee said...

I hope everyone gets well soon. Being sick and having a sick family can really get you down. Mommies just can't afford to be sick can they.

I can so relate to the math test. I can't remember much of my college math classes. Algebra, math for financial managers, statistics. Okay, that's a good thing.

Have a better day and weekend. :)

Sherri said...

I'm so sorry to hear you have the sick house:( Get lots of rest this weekend.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Ick, it sounds like you have what we had this week too! I hope you feel better quickly!

Andrew said...

Wow - The Family Circus!!

I remember that growing up; used to be one of my favourite cartoons.

Get well soon Sandi!

Laane said...

Happened to us too. All are better now except me. Well, something was bugging me before so that stayed and is worse.

I hope you all feel better soon.

I don't want my daughters to babysit at that age.
Well, I've dealt with SIDS and I sure don't want a girl dealing with that at that age.