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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gabbi's Birthday Pictures

I have uploaded some pictures to my village photos account. If you are interested in seeing some, please follow the link!


Sandee said...

Looks like she enjoyed herself quite nicely. She's so cute.

Have a terrific day. :)

Anonymous said...

Shes precious!

Happy Birthday Gabbi!

Michelle said...

great pictures! Looks like she had a great birthday.

Fatima said...

Happy Birthday Gabbi! She's adorable ^_^

Uhmn...I found your blog on Entrecard and I was wondering if you could help us spread the word about my cousin who was diagnosed with cancer... We're trying to raise funds for her to be able to continue treatment - - it would help so much! She is like a sister to me and being so far away, I feel so helpless... If I can't be with her, I would like to at least do this.

Hitesh Rawat said...

she looks like that cute.......\,,,/

Unknown said...

She is a real princess! Good luck to you an her!