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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More On My Father, Pancreatic Cancer

It has been confirmed. It is pancreatic cancer and it has metastasized all over his body. In other words, it's too late. Right now we are working on bringing home. That's where he wants to be. We will need Hospice to come in and nurses to help but somehow we'll make this work. I want my dad in his own home.

It's been a discouraging year and an even worse Christmas season for me. How can one feel any Christmas spirit when the whole month is about whether or not my dad will live or die? It's hard. I can't focus on Christmas. I have had so much to worry about.

Today I will meet my sister at the hospital to discuss the next move.

My dad is just 57 years old. Don't forget to hug your daddy this Christmas.


Unknown said...

I am so sorry to hear that. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

TooBIG said...

I know excatly what your going through. As in my tweet, my father passed away from the same. CANCER is the devil. It breaks the hearts of so many families. My dad was only 61. I hope you do get to bring him home. When things got real bad we didn't really know if we're going to get him home. We did and that was right after Thanksgiving 07 and in early Feb he passed. I stumbled on your blog from 30 something bloggers and was instantly attached, only to find out a day later we would share such an awful story.

Just remember its not the cancer that wins its the love and when its his time to go the cancer and suffering goes, but the love still remains. That's what he will take with him.

maryanne said...

I am so sorry. My husband lost his dad to cancer six years ago. It was very painful for all of us.

I hope hospice can help make the time your father has left as comfortable as possible.

You are all in our prayers. said...

Our thoughts are with you, and we hope you can continue the fight to make cancer disappear.

fall wedding flowers said...

be strong.. Jesus never leave you alone..

Ori said...

it's ironic that to live means to be exposed by sadness, and there's a saying, that's why baby's crying when seeing the world for the first time.

Many times I get annoyed by my Dad, but your writing awakes me.

I don't know what to say to make you and family feeling better, but I keep praying that your Dad will get what best for him according to God.

ps. I saw you have twitter, I contacted and last year and beginning of this year during my Mom's health problems. The nice people there sent some prayers that really comforted me, especially the guys in littleprayerbox.

Merry Christmas to your Dad, you and all your loved ones.

Mara said...

Hi Sandy. I only got to visit your blog just now and read about your Dad. That is extremely sad and I know how it feels. My Dad passed away because of that darn cancer 2 years ago, 3 months before Christmas and 5 months before my college graduation (which he was so excited about). I still every time and reading your entries about your dad always brings tear in my eyes.

I hope you and the rest of your family will be strong and will be together during this trying time. Hug your dad, take care of him, tell him how much you love him, thank him, avoid showing weakness in front of him. Cherish the moments that you get to spend with him and the rest of your family.

I pray for strength and courage for you, your dad and your family.

Grace said...

I've been thinking of you and your dad since he went into the hospital a bit ago with what could have been dehydration? I've had your family on my heart and am so sorry to hear this news. Hard harsh time for you all. I will pray for his comfort and your strength. God Bless you all.