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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Bad Dream, Sort Of

It was a bad dream. There is no doubt. However, I felt like I saw my dad really, I will take it. It was so strange. Thinking about it today made me start to feel emotional in class so I had to push it out of my head.

Here is the dream: I was in a room with my dad. He was lying in bed. I don't know why I couldn't dream him standing and healthy, but he was in bed. However he didn't look sick. He was just in bed. I knew though that he was dead. I didn't want to tell him. I was so sad and we were just chatting then I leaned close and whispered in his ear "Did you know that you're dead?" He looked at me sad, like he did but wished he didn't have to tell me. He seemed so sad because he didn't want to hurt his girls. It's like I knew this. He didn't want to say yes, not because HE was scared but he was worried about us. Not just me. In my dream I clearly knew. I felt it. He was worried about his girls. I started crying and told him it was true. I kept saying "You're dead dad. You died. You died."

Then, that's all I remember. Now I'm emotional again. I love you dad.


MaryAnne said...

I had a dream sort of like this soon after Mike's dad died, where he was worried about my MIL. I remember it was really upsetting.

I did dream about him once more, recently (he died of cancer in 2003). And he was healthy and really, really happy. Much nicer dream, but doesn't stop the achey missing him part.

anavar said...

Maybe his soul wanted to tell you he is worrying. When you remember him, send him some positive thoughts, tell him you are all alright and doing fine. Even if he is bodily gone, he may still watch over his family. Like an angel guard.

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