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Friday, April 2, 2010

Food Allergies? Fast Food?

Gabbi has that milk allergy and it sucks. I end up taking food with us wherever we go and I literally DARE the staff to question why I bring in outside food. Seriously I am more than welcome to give them the scoop but I doubt they want to hear it all. haha Usually no one bugs us about it. She's just 2 after all.

Anyway I wondered what kind of fast food she could eat if we were out. I really am not a huge fast food fan. I prefer a dining experience but sometimes we need something quick but we never know what she can eat. The fries at McDonalds have milk. The nuggets have milk. Insanity!!! BUT the chicken strips do not. I have never had the guts to give them to her. Cross contamination in places like this is a concern. It is a milk allergy though not a nut allergy. She gets very sick from anything that has milk in it. But I am not sure if a little cross contamination would make her sick or not. I would want to be very careful. Some people don't get how serious her allergy is. It's bad. So I have to be really careful. I found this list:

That link lists all of McDonalds ingredients with allergens listed in bold at the end of the item. How nice! It needs to be frequently checked because ingredients can and DO change often. Don't take any chances.

So hope that helps some of you out. Now I am off to start a Pathophysiology map. =/


Jen S. said...

Hi there! I have a HORRIBLE allergy to monosodium glutamate (MSG) and I know all about allergies, and reading food labels, etc. I too have a heck of a time eating out, since so many things have MSG in it. Sometimes if I asked a waiter or waitress about it and they don't know if it's in the food or not, we have to just get up and leave. There's NO WAY I would risk it.
For me if I eat MSG, it's like instant food poisoning (I spare you the details!)
I've often thought of doing a post on my blog about it.
I have been reading your blog for quite a while now. Your story is amazing.
Have a great Easter!

Kay | Digital Room said...

Allergies are really bad and it's worse for kids. It is really helpful that we can look up the ingredients of food that we intake so we can avoid if it has something that we are allergic to.