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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Snake on My Neighbor's Garage (Video)

I have already posted this to Facebook, but wanted to put it up on my blog too.

This weekend I heard a lot of excited yells and then a pounding on my door. It was two of our neighbor boys all excitedly wanting to speak to my oldest daughter Lexi. There was a was huge.......and I couldn't make out the rest.

Now these boys have seen snakes fairly often around their house. This house is a duplex directly across the street from our house. I used to see snakes often at my house when I was a little girl. I loved catching them. I always wanted to keep them as pets but somehow they always seemed to disappear. (thanks mom)

Anyway, I wanted to see this so called "big snake" for myself. So I went over and indeed it was a pretty big snake. We believe it was a bull snake. Bull snakes resemble rattle snakes. They TRY to. I read about it a bit and they will put their body into an S shape to try and resemble a rattler getting ready to strike. I have some pics of this snake doing just that. They hit their tail against something to sound like a rattle. A rattlesnake's tail will be pointing up and rattling. A bullsnake's tail, you'll notice is down because it has to tap something but apparently it's convincing. I never heard this snake do it.

The funny thing is this snake is just resting in the cracks on the brick wall. He was over 3 foot long stretched out. My hubby is guessing it was close to 4 feet. He got it down and managed to drop it off into a field outside of town. We have a field near our home so I am sure he came from down there.

The thing is we NEVER see snakes at my house. I haven't ever seen one. I think my beautiful Husky Sasha must just scare all the creepy crawly creatures away.....and then some. She's caught birds in the air and well......they met a not so pleasant fate. She likes to play. And she isn't growling or mean when she does it. She's just playing. Unfortunately it's not playing for that bird! I'll take it. I am glad my Sasha keeps the snakes away because I know my girls would be scared if those things were in our yard. They may think it's cool on the neighbor's house but I have a feeling if we saw them around here very often the girls would get scared to go outside.

I grabbed my cellphone and got a short video. And yes, I am the one saying I think it's pretty cool towards the end. It WAS cool! :)

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Unknown said...

I just peed my pants a little. I'm sorta scared of snakes.