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Monday, August 2, 2010

Had a Great Trip

This past weekend the family packed up and headed to St. Louis. We went to see the Arch and we also went to Six Flags. We had a lot of fun. Gabbi LOVED the characters. She wanted to see each and every one. I made sure she did. The older girls had a great time as well. Lexi (my oldest) enjoyed her first roller coaster ride with her dad. She rode the Screaming Eagle. After it was done she came back up to me all red faced and watery eyed. She loved it and I believe she might be hooked. She also took a ride on the batman. It's a lot of fun. I didn't get a chance really. I had Gabbi the whole time and really didn't feel like leaving her for long. The waits were HUGE. They got lucky with the Batman though and only ended up waiting around 20 minutes.

The night ended with a glow in the dark parade which was beautiful! My mom went with us on the trip and is also in the pics. We had a really good time. :) The only unfortunate event was we stopped to eat on the way home. We decided to stop at A&W. It's been ages since we ate there. We decided to get Gabbi a plain old hot dog with nothing on it. Usually hot dogs are pretty safe as long as they aren't the cheesy kind. (Because of her milk allergy) Well we weren't home 15 minutes and she threw up. I checked online and sure enough there is "skim  milk protein" in the hot dogs at A&W. We have gotten her plain hot dogs numerous times with no issue at different places. Now I won't be chancing it ever again! She actually wasn't as bad as usual. It still seems as though the reaction is more mild. She threw up about 3-4 times total and not again. She also didn't get the lethargic reaction she used to get. I'm really hoping she grows out of this! I am so sad this girl has NEVER tasted ice cream! She can't have pizza for crying out loud. haha

Still we had a great time and Gabbi keeps asking to go to Six Flags again. :)

Pics of my vacation at this link:

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jaemom said...

I am glad you guys had fun. I was going to tell you that a friend of mine from work had a child that was allergic to milk and he grew out of it between 4 and 5. So something to look forward too.