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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spongebob Scrubs and Kids

I am doing my Pediatric clinical right now. I love kids. I really do. I should! I have four. I love my girls but the idea of working with kids scared me more than anything. I don't like seeing a child sick or hurting. The smaller they are, the more scary it is for me. Today went well though. I bonded with my patient pretty quickly. I wore my Spongebob Scrubs (that I absolutely was determined to get). When I walked into my patient's room, he was wearing Spongebob PJ's! I introduced myself and told him my daughters like to call me Sandi Cheeks. haha That was a hit. After that it went pretty well.

My Gabriella is doing well in daycare. She is almost 3 and still not wanting to be potty trained. She tells me as soon as I got home that she "went pee in the potty!" I hope so. It is hard to dedicate the time training her that I need to because of full time Nursing School.

I actually missed my follow up on the 10th with my Oncologist. I had my regular 3 month follow up but because it's so far away and due to my schedule at school I postponed it until October 5th. I have that day off school so it will work out better. I still want to go into Oncology! You know what is weird is going back to being the patient. It feels really different having seen both sides so intently now. I actually miss my doctor and my nurses. They became like a second family to me for a long time. :)

On another note I hit 300 followers today!!! Thank you to all those who read my blog. I am sorry I haven't posted updates as frequently as I should. It's hard when I'm writing papers anyway and studying all the time. I like blogging more!!!

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