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Friday, November 26, 2010

Watching Christmas Movies

We'll be putting up the tree tomorrow. We would have done it today, but we were all pretty worn out. It's been an amazing lazy day. No Black Friday for me. I thought about it, but it made me tired. lol My girls have been enjoying their day off. I had a hard time crawling out of bed. For some reason I have actually had a hard time waking up lately. Then again that could be due to going to bed too late!

Tonight it's been all about the movies and relaxing. We had left overs and now I'm getting ready to watch the best version of A Christmas Carol of ALL time starring the one and only Alastair Sim!

I'm enjoying a hot cappuccino and honestly it couldn't get much better than this. If Gabbi hadn't clocked her head on the corner of the dishwasher it might be downright perfect. She's ok though and enjoying the spongebob band-aid on her head though there was not one drop of blood. She thinks she is all better now. The miraculous cures of a band-aid. Who knew?

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