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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Annual TB and Flu Shots

I don't know how I forgot but I did manage to forget my annual tb shot. So I did that this week. It's why I was at the doctor's office on Monday. I have to go back today to get it checked. I figured I'd get a flu shot while I'm there because everyone seems to be getting the flu! What is with that? Everyone and their kids are sick lately. It's the same symptoms too so I'm trying to avoid it.

I'm hoping to get some Christmas presents today too because no I am not done. I am a last minute shopper, wrapper, etc. I am not like all of those dedicated shoppers who start in September and finish by Black Friday. NOPE. Not me. Never been me. I am sure it never will be. I'm probably going to resort to all online shopping at some point. It's so easy. :) It's not like any stores are around the corner. I live in a small town and it's 20 minutes or so to the nearest Wal Mart. Yes I shop there. I shop at a lot of places and it's just one of them. I hate it this time of year. Ugh. The crazies come out! People are more rude there, than anywhere I have ever shopped. What does that mean?

I am enjoying my Christmas break. I am so glad to be doing nothing for now. I am savoring every single moment. The picture above was just something I was playing around with. That's the picture of me and Gabbi on the mantel.

And the one above here, with the Penguins is my daughter Mikayla. We had fun goofing off.

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