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Friday, December 3, 2010

Gabbi's Amazing Beginning

I'm just whipping up a short story here. I have always said Gabbi was just MEANT to be. She overcame so many odds to get here. Some are funny, some not so much but here goes. Gabbi was a surprise. I had no plans on getting pregnant.

So here is the funny part. I had been on birth control for some time. My family and I were moving. I was due to see my doc. He would give me my new prescription for my pills. Well after we moved my old doc wouldn't refill my prescription because I needed to see him first. So obviously I couldn't do that. I called a new doc and set up an appointment. They couldn't see me for 3 weeks. I figured what could happen??? 3 weeks is nothing!

Don't ever tell yourself that. I was pregnant before I started the next pack of pills. I went to the doc, got my refill and never used it. I cried and cried because number one I felt sick. Number 2 I hadn't planned on more children.

The next road block obviously was the cancer. I found out I had cancer and then had no choice but to have chemotherapy while I was pregnant. She overcame that. I may have shared this last part before, but on our way home from the hospital after she was born there was a car who pulled out in front of us. We were luckily turning but the car to the left of us gunned it and hit the car that pulled out. That car then was rammed into a truck in the other lane. That truck was at a stop getting ready to make a turn as well. So right outside Gabbi's window of our vehicle there was a 3 car pileup. We were the only car NOT involved. We called 911, finished doing what we had to do, and then went home. I am still in awe. I am thankful that we were ok!! That was pretty scary watching that so close.

I took Gabbi to school with me today to make up a quiz. I had a friend watch her for me for a few minutes. It was so nice of her and I really appreciate it! Thanks Anna :)


MaryAnne said...

I hadn't heard the bit about the car crash before. So glad you are both alive and well today!

Just Plain Tired said...

This post does give credence to fate, no doubt about that. Some things are just meant to be, and your little girl seems to fit that well.