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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Surprise!

I have a surprise for my kids but I can't even post what it is here! Why do you ask? Well because my blog posts directly to Facebook. This matters because my oldest has a Facebook account. Now I could keep her off of it for a couple of days until the post makes it's way off of her newsfeed but several of my daughter's friends are also on my friend's list. I have thought of many different ways the information could get back to her, so I have decided I'll just say in the next couple of weeks, I have a surprise. Now you my readers will be surprised as well! :)

Another thing is that I have been asked to do an interview for a hospital in Australia. They have read my blog and are writing a book on cancer in pregnancy. They want to include my story and will be giving me a free copy of the book and an audio of our interview. I have done interviews before for local news and I did an interview for an online radio show in the UK. The interview for the hospital is tonight over the phone. I am pretty nervous!! I have a terrible cold so the sniffles and coughs may be in effect for the duration of the interview. I'll do my best. For those not familiar with the interview that I did in 2008 for my ordeal please watch it here:


Kim Y. said...

What a great interview! Tks for sharing it :) Good luck on your phone interview tonight! I'm sure you will do another wonderful job :)

Vicy said...

Wow that's really a nice surprise. Anyway, visiting your page. God Bless and take care


Sandi said...

well the interview is not the surprise. I have not yet posted what the surprise is, as stated in my blog post. Thanks Kim. I am excited about the interview!

Kathy Garolsky said...

Nice post here.Very interesting.

Dave Lucas in New York said...

God Bless You! Best wishes and I know others have been moved by your story (and your blog, esp. the entries about your father - I lost my Dad to cancer) - Just live life every day!

(please let us know how everything turns out with the surprise and all that!)

Ferd said...

A truly remarkable story, Sandi!
Thanks for sharing it with the world!