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Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Fool's Day

I may have to prank someone. I never usually do. It could be a lot of fun. I love Halloween. I love Christmas. Actually I kind of love Thanksgiving because I tell myself it's okay to pig out for once. However there really aren't other Holidays I care a lot about. St. Patrick's Day? Yeah I see people get into it but green beer never floated my boat. I would rather have a shot of something. Yes I could on St. Patrick's day but eh. It's no big deal. I can do it any day anyway. Valentine's day? I never liked days where men felt obligated to show their women love. Show it everyday or you are a fake or phony anyway. This is just my opinion of course. Easter has a great meaning behind it if you aren't thinking of hopping bunnies and candy.

Now, I have never ever really pranked anyone on April Fools Day because I frankly I stink at it. I am no good at it because I hate freaking people out. All I can say is I might just be willing to give it a shot this year.


Star said...

I never frank on April Fool's Day either. I find it kind of pointless and I doubt I could pull off a prank anyways, lol. I agree with you on the other holidays. My fiance and I never celebrate Valentine's day because we both think if you have to dedicate a day to showing love that's pretty crappy. It should be shown daily through words and actions and hey if you want to bring me home chocolate when picking up groceries even better! By the way, I am adding this blog to my bloglist along with your other one! :D


Sandi said...

You would not believe how many people still fall for it though? If someone told me they were bleeding from their eyeballs today I would NOT believe them. LOL Even if it were true! And thanks for adding my blog. :) Appreciate that!

krizzyla said...

hi just stumble upon your blog have a nice day ahead. April is really good for me because its the month of my birth date.April fool's Day sorry I don't have any idea about it.