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Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Bad Ebay Experience

Well this is an Ebay/Paypal combination story. I have been selling on ebay for YEARS. Quite literally I have an account since it first came out which was probably 2001 or something. I am not sure. I haven't sold anything in awhile and I am not a power seller. I am average person who occasionally sells things. I am also a person who uses Proactiv. Yes and I love it. I have used it for years. I don't use it constantly anymore because it is a bit drying to my skin so I only use it when I need it.

Because of this sometimes I end up with extra boxes. They come in the mail automatically because it's a club. I decided to sell a box of it on ebay. I sold the box for a decent price and the customer paid for it pretty quickly. I send it and they left excellent feedback for me which is still there to this day. This sounds perfect right? All is well? No. Actually it's not. One day I got onto paypal to check my account and it was negative. Why? Well the person I sold the Proactiv too decided to say they DIDN'T buy! They claimed the money was stolen from their card and that they didn't make the purchase. Since it was contested paypal took my money back while they were figuring it out. I was to send any evidence I had that it was legit. I was in shock that this could actually happen. I sent them email correspondence and proof because of the actual auction and the positive feedback written by them. Even if say someones son took her credit card and bought it do you think he would have come back to leave me positive feedback? I don't think so. Well it just confused me so much and all I knew was they had my product either way! They had it. I shipped it to their address. I was so upset.

Paypal got back to me and said they sided in my favor. It was proven that the auction was legitimate. Here's the issue. Her credit card had to be convinced of it too before they would give me my money back. Well obviously I never heard anything about it again. I never got my money back and that ebay buyer got their product for free. I wonder how often they do it? It's a great scam isn't it? Now when you see auctions where they want only bidders with a certain amount of positive feedback bidding, you know why. It's always upset me....and I think about it now and then. What rotten people are out there. It's sad!

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