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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Could Gyro be one of the Most Mispronounced Words?

It seems that this word is so frequently mispronounced that no one ever says it right. Recently my husband ordered one at our local sub express. This has been a new item on the menu and we absolutely love them. Well when he went in and asked for a gyro (pronounced *yeer-oh*), the lady had no clue what he was talking about. She stared at him blankly and then said ooooh you mean a *guy-ro* (how she pronounced it). Of course my husband just said yeah sure. But this is incorrect. If you look it up you'll see it is pronounced properly in this way:

I'm not trying to give a grammar lesson here, but if you're going to sell them, my recommendation is to know how to pronounce it. It's crazy if everyone comes in ordering it differently but I have heard this word said in so many different ways it's not even funny. I'm hoping if someone is coming along and wants to know how to say it, they can simply look here. There you go. I've helped you out today. ;)

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Office cleaning chester said...

Lately, I've been noticing my 55 year old Mom mispronouncing words, she never mispronounced before. While talking, she occasionally mispronounces one or two words in a sentence. It's not a everyday thing, but the frequency has increased. Is this common? Should I be worried? Should I tell her to see a neurologist?