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Monday, January 16, 2012

What to Expect Prize Giveaway!!!!

Drum-roll please! The big winner of all three books in the What To Expect series is: Danielle!!! She followed me on twitter and followed what to expect as well gaining extra entries. Way to go Danielle!!!

I have an additional surprise now. I have 3 more books to give away! Each person will get one book. I will select the book to give you since more than one person might pick the same book. I will do it randomly. The winners of the 3 additional books are:

1. Leslie: You will get the What to Expect book, first in the series
2. Kristi: You will get the What to Expect the First Year book!
3. Sheryl: You will get the What to Expect the Second Year book!

Since I did not have a lot of entries this was a really great contest because I think the majority won something. Congratulations. I will be holding more contests in the future and I hope to get more entries next time. Remember to try for those extra entries. They are very easy to do by simply following me on Twitter, etc. :) I will be sending off the email addresses to the sponsor so we can get the books out and congratulations again!

Just to let everyone know I used: and gave each person or entry a number and that's how I selected the winners randomly by order of entry :)


Sheryl said...

Yippee, I won! Thanks a lot sandi!

Chin chin said...

Congrats to the winners. Maybe I will join your next giveaway.

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