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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gabbi the Princess

Gabbi really does believe she is quite the princess. She loves all the pink stuff, crowns and frilly clothes. On the same note she's quite the tomboy. That girl will burp or fart and just thinks it's the funniest thing on the planet. It's hard to not laugh while teaching her it's not nice to do that and laugh about it INTENTIONALLY. I understand those things happen but she does it on purpose and gets a kick out of it. Anyone else have a child that thinks bodily noises are just hilarious? haha Oh man. Who knew 4 years ago that's what I would talk about on my blog?

I have had 3 days of orientation on the unit now. By that I mean working on the floor as a nurse. All of those shifts were 12 hours so it feels like a lot more than 3 days. I work tomorrow for an 8 hour shift so I bet it flies by. I really feel like I have learned a ton. I have done so much in this time. I know I have a lot more to learn and it's overwhelming sometimes. I know I'm meant to be in this profession though so I pour my heart and soul into it.

I have some gift cards for a movie that I got at Christmas. I am just so unsure as to what I should watch. Any suggestions out there?

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