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Monday, April 2, 2012

Officially Every 6 Months!

I saw my Oncologist on Friday. Everything is going good. I am healthy. Not only that, but the doctor has started showing me his laptop with my lab results on it now so that I can read them myself. I love that! He has always been very supportive of me going back to school to be a nurse. He definitely wants me to work in Oncology. I am currently doing a more general area but I wanted to grab some experience and then apply for a job at a cancer center. This is my goal within a year or two. I want to get certified to do the chemo drugs and this will all take time. I am ready for it though. I have come this far and have no intention of stopping.

I am starting nights as of tomorrow night. Kinda nervous about it, but ready for it too. I am done with my training on days. I will be officially working nights from here on out. I do 3 twelve hour shifts per pay period which is Sunday to Saturday. If I work it right I get a lot of days off in between.

Are there any plans out there for Easter? Any family festivities or fun recipes to share? I'd love to hear bout them. Feel free to link to them. I love finding new recipes.


Sandee said...

You'll do fine. You've stuck to your goal of getting through nursing school and you've done that. Now you have a new goal to work toward. I've no doubt you'll succeed in that too.

Have a terrific day. :)

Deodorant crystal said...

I must say u done a great job.This blog is to document about personal experience of pregnancy with cancer.Nothing is impossible in this world just believe in GOD and work hard so you will achieve your goals.I believe u will be very successful.
Good luck.