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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Gabbi turned 5 November 17th.  I turned.....older ....on December 29th. This month is Angelina's birthday. We've been busy. I've been working a lot.
I have now been at my job about 9 months. I love my job but definitely understand how nurses get burnt out. It's overwhelming at times. Remember when your nurses are caring for you that we have many patients and that each one is not always doing so well. That's the hardest part....when a patient thinks they are your only patient. I love my patients but sometimes you get a very angry and demanding patient. It's physically draining.
Gabbi will start school this year! I am so excited about that. My baby is getting bigger and bigger. My oldest Lexi will be 16 in March and Mikayla will be 13. Time flies ...but I love my family more than anything! They are what gets me through each day. I've learned some things in 2012. True friends are rare.....even family doesn't always have your back. However my girls? I can always count on them :-) Here is to 2013!

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Kulwant said...

May god bless you and keep you healthy forever . Gabby got a pretty smile specially enjoying with that cat . I liked that you got will , really God is somewhere even if we cant see .