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Monday, November 3, 2008

You Ever Have One of Those Days?

Saturday was the day of our party and for the most part things went pretty smoothly. Everything seemed fine until I decided to do a load of laundry quickly before people got here. I walked into the laundry room and noticed the machine had been quiet for quite some time. I figured maybe it was just in between cycles. I opened the lid and it was full of water. I closed the lid and waited and waited. I left, came back, nothing. It was full of water and not draining or spinning. Ugh. I have no experience fixing a washer and neither does the hubby. He is good with machines but has never worked on a washer. I tell him I think it's broken. He's so busy trying to set up the music and stuff for the party he just sort of sighs and claims he'll get to it. I give up and go off to finish getting ready.

I had loaned the hubby my laptop so that he could play music through it. Not moments later I hear, "What's wrong with your computer?" These are frightening words and ones I really didn't want to hear. It was fine and had been fine. He says the mouse doesn't move at all. It's stuck. So I of course assume he did something which makes him none too happy.

The rest of the night was fine other than myself feeling a scratchy throat coming on AGAIN. I just got over that cold. Hubby went to look at the washing machine yesterday. I had been complaining of the clothes sitting in that water. Ew. So long story short, he saw the problem and it was fairly easy for him to resolve. He fixed it! I was beyond thrilled. Then he realized that he indeed did something to my laptop but just didn't realize it. He pushed the Fn and F7 keys which locks my mouse pad area on my laptop. He just hit the buttons again and it's back to normal. So things are resolved that I thought were going to be awful. I still feel this sore throat coming on strong. I worry more about passing yet another illness onto the baby than myself being sick.

Gabbi will be one in 14 days!!!! My little miracle baby is almost one and I just cannot believe it's been almost a year since that day. I remember it like it was yesterday. Thanksgiving is upon us as well. I love this time of year.


Unknown said...

Sounds like the year I have had! I don't like Murphy and I think his "law" stinks! lol

Unknown said...

Wow it sure is something to be thankful for. She is very adorable!

Mizé said...

I found your blog trough Entrecard and I enjoy reading your posts.
Reading this post reminded me my stories with my stuff and the Murphy law "on the verge" refered to.
My last story included my big living room TV set and my vacuum cleaner. I already managed to replace both.
Those are minor things one should not stress about.
Your baby´s birthday is comming, what a joy!
All the best. Mizé.