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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Going on 33 and Christmas Photos

Well today is December 27th. (For those who don't have a calender haha) My birthday is in two days. Parts of me say I am turning 32. Why? Well I lost my 31st year. I lost it to cancer though it didn't win in the end. I felt so sick even before my diagnosis. Then once I was diagnosed I couldn't even get out of bed. I lost even Mother's Day being in bed. My girls and my husband did however try to make it a good day for me. They couldn't spend much time with me. It took too much out of me.

So my way of thinking is I get a do over for that year. What do you think? haha Ok. Maybe not. Maybe I earned that year even more than all the others. I think so actually. It was my hardest and I learned more from that year than any other. I learned how strong I am. I became a better and stronger person. I loved my family that much more. I didn't think it was possible to love my husband more but I did. Each day I do more than the last. I know no matter what we have each other. That's enough for me.

To be honest sometimes I say it was my best year. How? Why? Well my husband had spent so much time away from me traveling in the previous couple of years. We moved so he could be home more. No more traveling. It was hard on us. It created tension and he was gone too much. We couldn't be close when he was away for weeks at a time. I missed him desperately. I didn't want to leave my family and friends but I needed my best friend back. So we moved. He took a job where he could stay home. Things improved instantly. I loved it there. The trouble was I was so sick. We figured it was thyroid and other things but never cancer. I mean the thought *did* cross my mind but probably not more so than you or anyone else. We all think about it on occasion I think. We all have the what ifs.

Once I was diagnosed my husband was always there. His job told him to take care of me. They said his family was the most important thing. They really helped him to be able to be with me and care for the kids. He never left my side. It really made up for lost time. I now know he watched me sleep every night. I caught him twice but he's admitted it was a nightly ritual. I didn't sound good during the day but at night it was a very fast paced wheezy breathing. He was terrified. So he watched. He slept during the day when my oldest daughter could watch me. I loved having him at every appointment, every sonogram, every chemo.

So to be honest maybe 31 was my best year. I felt more loved than I ever have in my life. I also had a new baby girl that year. Nah, it wasn't so bad. I beat cancer, got my husband off the road and had a baby girl. I think I'll just say I am thankful and earned that year. So, here's to 33 years in two days! And let's not forget it is also my very first birthday as a cancer survivor!! I have reason to celebrate. We are combining my birthday with New Years and going out that night with my friends. I'll have pictures up no doubt.

Now, just enjoy these pics from our Christmas. And please...don't mind my messy hair. I just woke up! Oh and I rarely post pics in my glasses. lol

Click here for Christmas Photos!


Janet Gardner said...

Hi Sandi,
What a beautiful family you have. I can see the love in the pictures. I wanted to share this story of a cancer survivor with you. He chose a different treatment and was cured of his cancer, I think the same as yours. He takes certain natural products that prevent it from returning. He is cancer free now for more than ten years. I think you will find this story very interesting.
Take Care,
Janet :)

Anonymous said...

You have a very good-looking family. I enjoyed reading this entry as well as looking at your family's Christmas photos. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Early Birthday!!

Allure said...

Happy Birthday!!! Stay pretty and sexy always.