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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday Party and Vaccinations

On the phone with grandma and grandpa

Well poor Gabriella got four shots today. Oh how I hate these days! I appreciate what they are for but I cannot stand seeing her in pain. It makes me want to cry though I have gotten better at it over the years with four children. Still, last time she had only two shots and didn't cry at all. She flinched, wasn't sure what happened and then was fine. Not so this time around. She turned beet red. Even her eyes got all bloodshot from crying. I felt so horrible. I am just glad that is over! She was a bit late on her shots but I am ok with that. Some people say delaying it a bit isn't a bad thing. You never know so I am ok with them being a few months late. It wasn't intentional however. Now she is sitting here cheering watching The Wonder Pets. She seems much happier now!

I got some pictures from Angelina's birthday yesterday. It was just a quiet evening with my mom and dad. I made a pretty pink birthday cake. I had planned on making a special cake with my older sister but the cold weather has pretty much kept everyone inside.


Jenni said...

Shots are the pits, I agree!!

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!

Anonymous said...

I have a blog award for you here.