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Monday, February 9, 2009

My Wonderful Girls

I am such a blessed mommy. I was just reading an article on MSN about four daughters who all got engaged and who are all getting married in one calender year. The oldest is 29, the youngest 23. I thought to myself how one day this could be me! Now the chances of them all marrying at once are slim to nill...but still, I will deal with four weddings. We are always getting picked on about that. Random people in super markets or on the street will gasp "You have four daughters??" I answer yes and then they chuckle and say "Oh the weddings will be expensive" or something along those lines. I guess I cannot relate to all that though. I am not one to think those things have to be extravagant. I mean, I didn't have a really expensive wedding. I didn't want to go into marriage with thousands of dollars of credit card debt. I am really at heart a simple girl. I wanted a nice dress and a simple wedding. My grandfather was the pastor who married us at our church. A dear friend found my vintage gown. It was so beautiful. It was just the kind of thing I was looking for. I love history and I love vintage wedding gowns. I am not talking the big bows of the 80's. I am talking much further back. I am not sure exactly. It was gorgeous though and not expensive. We had the reception at my church as well. The most expensive part of the wedding was probably the rehearsal dinner. Even my wedding cake was made by my grandmother. If you saw that cake you would think it cost $1000. It was huge with stairs and a water fountain. She makes wedding cakes. It was her gift to me. I got lucky I suppose. It won't be that way with my girls. My grandfather passed away in 1996 but I do have a ton of preachers in the family.

I do have some gorgeous girls. I love them and one day I know they'll want to get married. The money isn't the hard part. It's the letting go that's got me worried. ;)


Sandee said...

They are indeed adorable. Enjoy them as they grow up way too fast. My son will be 38 this year. Yikes.

Have a terrific day. :)

lina said...

They are adorable. :-) I don't have any daughters but I know I'll bawl at the thought of letting them go!

In my culture, it's the men who have to fork out money for the wedding. :D