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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weakened Immune System Post Lymphoma?

I read something recently that said that you can experience a weakened immune system after lymphoma. I read that you need your flu and pneumonia shots and to be more careful about getting sick, etc. I have of course paid attention to this, but have experienced no trouble at all. I am not sure that I will. According to all my blood tests at my oncology office my blood is normal. My doc even went so far to say is that you wouldn't even be able to tell I ever had cancer in my blood work. That's always something good to hear! So I guess not everyone deals with that. I haven't had it too bad this winter but everyone has a sore throat right now. Even I have been fighgting a soore throat. It seems better this morning. I think strep throat, pink eye and some rather nasty stomach bug is making it's rounds in Illinois. So....consider yourself warned!! lol

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Sandee said...

Well, with spring coming that should take away a lot of the bad bugs going around. Hope all of you stay healthy.

Have a terrific day. :)