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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How Hodgkin's Changed My Chest

I always liked my chest. It was just right. Smooth. I never felt too bony or too heavy. I felt just right. I noticed right before the doctors diagnosed me my chest was a lot more full. You could not see my clavicle on my right side at all, but you could on the left. I found that so odd. Of course it was odd and something my doctor noticed immediately.

So here is a before shot of my chest.

And a couple more

And here are some after shots. First the surgery that started it all. The surgery was May 4th 2007. This was most likely the next day. I stayed in ICU. Remember I was also several weeks pregnant. I am linking this one because it's a bit more graphic. I had staples in my chest and it's a pretty nasty looking cut.

This is right after my port surgery.

This is a good shot of the port itself

And another angle with biopsy scar and port.

After port removal and marked for radiation:

Now what my chest looks like with port gone and biopsy scar. It's pretty obvious here. I don't mind so much the scar as I do the indention. They had to actually shave off bone to get to the tumor so it dents in pretty good. One day, I hope to maybe fix that somehow. I try to remember they are my war wounds. You can't see it as well but I have a scar from the port that actually looks a little keloided. It grew and got red and puffy..sometimes itches. It's not gigantic or anything but I think I put a little makeup on it for my Halloween outfit. It did a good job covering it I think.

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First of all thanks for the word verification tip b/c I have been having the same problems so I am going to see if I can figure out how to do it. Thanks for sharing your experience about your chest. You never seize to amaze me.