Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My First Ever Blog Post ( I went the whole day with a typo in this title and never noticed it. Grrr!)

When I first started blogging it was *kind of* at the suggestion of my oncologist. Actually what they told me was to keep a diary. It was suggested to write down what I was thinking and feeling. My doctor said it would help me to deal with things. They very much worry about your mental state during this time, and how you will deal with it all. I am not much of a writer with a pencil. I have terrible handwriting. But I am an excellent typist so I figured I'll type it out. It started as a myspace blog because all of my family was on there. It was a great way to keep everyone updated. It wasn't enough for me though. I wanted to tell my story to the world as I dealt with it. The first few blog posts here to blogger were copy and pasted from myspace but once I caught up, all my posts really were made here. Here is a direct link to my very first post. It certainly brings back memories.

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