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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Scan Coming Up In April

In some ways I am very excited and anxious about my CAT scan coming up in April. I mean, it could give me the peace of mind I have been seeking. I am glad my blood work has all been good. I am glad on paper I appear to be in remission...but it's a tiny bit nerve wracking to have had no other scans to prove it. Not to mention the occasional heart flutter I had. I am glad I'll get the ECHO to make sure that all the excess fluid that had been in there is gone. I am not so nervous right now because you see, I only get that way about 2 to 3 weeks right before my appointment. At this point my appointment is scheduled for April 24th. I am sure by then I'll be good and worked up and I'll absolutely need all the comments and thoughts I can get. It's hard to think sensibly when it's YOU going through it. It's nice to hear a voice of reason now and again. It's normal to be scared, I know. There is a healthy limit to that fear though and I think I definitely exceed that limit near my appointment times! I am not looking forward to that part.


Anonymous said...

I have some medical tests, too, coming up in the next weeks - one each week and then the "unknown" in April. I guess the lesson to learn is to take each day one day at a time. I learn and unlearn that one. My thoughts are with you - waiting is so hard!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

wow...I'm impressed with your openess, and honesty.
my cousin had the same diagnose, but now kicking and alive.
you will make it, with your possitive attitude!.)

Inked Angel said...

I saw your blog post on momblogs and followed the link. I am glad I did.
I pray all goes well in April. I am sure it will.
I always think there must be a lesson to learn when god does this.
I am just not sure what it is.
take care and i'll send my prayers your way.