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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eventful Week and Consistency

It's been a busy week and it's only Wednesday. I don't really feel like going into all the details but basically I believe my 9 year old daughter has IBS or your basic irritable bowel. I think she always has. She finally saw the doc and they were honestly saying constipation. That just makes no sense to me. She has had that issue many times before, but this time she has had diarrhea. She is shy and will absolutely NOT use the restroom in public so sometimes constipation IS an issue. She has always had tummy issues. a mom and a person who has tried to improve her tummy since she was TWO I am pretty positive she has IBS. Things irritate her tummy and she has always got a million bubbles in her tummy. I rub her tummy and it feels like snap, crackle and pop in there. Anyway they gave her a med to soften and get things moving. Why would you do that for someone who has had the runs? LOL Sorry to be blunt but seriously. I am so confused by this. She seems improved today so that's good. I wasn't around yesterday much because I got a call from the school with her complaining of another tummy ache so I picked her up and we went into the doc.

As for consistency...well I speak of my sleep pattern. I have a very regular series of things that helps me to sleep at night. While I was very sick it was hard to NOT concentrate on how difficult it was to breathe. It was hard to take my mind off of it. So I developed a night time routine that got to be so cozy and just relaxing that it still helps me to fall asleep. You may laugh, but it involves TV. When gasping for air and hurting to even lie down it's next to impossible to pick up a book and read, so I didn't (and couldn't) do much of that. I turned on the TV at night but I didn't want hyper, fast paced, or loud shows. I found Lifetime and at night turned on a Frasier. I like that show. I love how snooty they are and yet they have no idea how incredibly insane they are at the same time. I also loved watching The Golden Girls.

Normally I would fall asleep before the shows ended. It was something to get me calm, quiet, peaceful and then asleep. It always worked. I fell in love with the Golden Girls while I was sick. I haven't stopped watching them since. So I was deeply saddened when Estelle Getty passed away this past year and of course, just recently we lost Bea Arthur. They will be missed and I'll never forget how they got me through some rough nights.

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Melissa said...

What medication did they give her? Some of them are more to bulk up, rather than just getting things moving. Thereby helping to stop the runs, by making it more firm, yet still soft enough to pass. If you really feel she has IBS you may want to get a second opinion,

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

That really IS insane... about your daughter... See as a Mom, I think we are blessed with that intuition that helps us to help our children... so you are most likely right.

I use to watch the GOLDEN GIRLS all the time when I was growing up... they are calm and relaxing and genuinely funny! :)

I'll go check out your give-away now.

Sandee said...

I hope your daughter gets better soon.

I so loved the Golden Girls too. I watched when they first aired and then watched the reruns over and over.

Have a terrific day. :)

Rachele Bennett said...

I sure do hope your daughter gets to feeling better, poor thing.
When I was working I used to find it hard to sleep (due to the lists of things I needed to accomplish the next day running through my head). I used to love to listen to Court TV. It was something I didn't feel the need to look at so it would put me right to sleep and rid my mind of all the following days tasks.

Anonymous said...

she sure sounds intolerant of some food. Dairy? Gluten?

that doesn't makes a lick of sense to give someone with the runs a laxative???????

Arya said...

I hope your spirit will increase day by day to supporting your reponsibility.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Just a thought, but if your daughter likes yogurt perhaps she could try eating Activia yogurt or any other yogurt with active cultures. Hubby was having terrible gastrointestinal problems until he started on Citrucel, which helped a bit, but when I started buying the Activia yogurt almost ALL his symptoms disappeared! Certainly worth a try and can't hurt unless she cannot tolerate dairy products. If she doesn't like the taste, texture, w/e you could mix it with fresh or frozen fruit, sprinkle her favorite crunchy cereal on it, etc. Hope you find a solution for her soon. Sounds like she's miserable!

Lynn said...

Hope your daughter gets the right treatment and feels better soon. I also love the Golden Girls. Wonderful show.

Anne said...

I hope your daughter is feeling better. I agree with Melissa about a second opinion. Especially if it has been continuing without relief.

When I was pregnant I used to watch Nick at Night. It was the same thing, old sitcoms and it was entertaining without taxing the brain too much.

Sonja Dupor said...

I was diagnosed with IBS nearly a decade ago. The weird thing about IBS is that you either have constipation or diarrhoea or both. I used to have both. It would switch between the runs and constipation all the time. Usually either one or the other is more dominant.

The best advice I can give you is to try different foods and see how they affect your daughter.

A friend of mine once told me how her daughter's constipation was cured by pickle juice.

Hopefully you'll find something that provides relief. Doctors aren't usually helpful, I know they didn't help me.