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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Good Night's Sleep and a Day Full of Sunshine

Sounds all bright and cheerful doesn't it? Well I complain enough when the weather isn't good and I feel grumpy when I don't get a good night's rest. So I figured I can jump for joy when things go well too! Gabriella ended up sleeping great last night. I am so happy because I hate when she wakes up crying. I sometimes wonder though if perhaps she isn't just a tad spoiled. Maybe sometime she's just waking up because she wants momma? Maybe. She has me wrapped around her chubby little finger though.

Finally the snow is gone and it's about 55 degrees outside. I am so ready for summer. I love the warmth. I am praying it lasts.

On another note I was going through some old pics again yesterday. I use Village Photos. I happen to love them. I pay $5.00 a month to use them but I don't get all these bandwidth usage errors like I see with photobucket. I have never seen it with village photos. I hope it lasts. It seems like just about the time I realize I love a website it CHANGES. Haha Anyway here are a few pics of my dear miracle baby when I was pregnant with her!

She liked to wave hello and dance inside me. haha

And while I am at it, here is a picture of my other three beauties in 2007.

And another of my husband and myself when I was about 28 weeks pregnant.

That's all for today! I love going down memory lane.


skywind said...

A good sleep, you can make day spirits. :)
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Rebecca said...

Once she is on solid food try a bit of oatmeal with some mashed banana in it before bedtime. This made my son sleep most of the night.

Being she has some digestion problems I recommend trying it without adding formula.

Be good to yourself and take naps when she does.

Warmest Regards,

A.V.A said...

Aw great pictures. You should try Flickr for your pics. I paid $25.00 for the year and there is no limit to the amount or size of your pictures! Glad I found your blog.