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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not Feeling too Bad Except Thyroid Pressure

Usually the closer I get to a checkup I feel worse. I realize it's probably mostly mental but seriously I feel the symptoms. I feel ok right now. I think one huge benefit to me is that I have accepted that all the pressure in my throat is not gone. I think I was in denial for so long. I felt it had to be all gone. If I felt any pressure it scared me. Well I do have thyroid nodules and I realize the pressure from those are going to cause some discomfort. I do wonder though if anything can be done about those. My thyroid thus far is functioning normally, but one particular nodule is actually visible on the front of my neck. You might not notice it if I didn't point it out but you surely would if I said something. I haven't really done much research as far as what would be done for a healthy thyroid with nodules causing uncomfortable pressure. I need to see an endocrinologist. If I could do something about the nodules I feel that I would not have the occasional worry and concern that I get. How am I to differentiate the pressure? How will I know to worry or to blow it off? I don't. So the scan coming up on my chest and neck area should give me some answers I think. Hopefully if something can be done I'll find out soon.

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Census said...

Fingers crossed that they can do something. Good luck with the check.