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Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Say Drink Up!!

I am a coffee drinker. I have become more of a coffee drinker in the past couple of years. I used to drink it on occasion and now I have it every morning. I sometimes feel guilty about about having all the caffeine and I do force myself to drink more water. I am not much of a water drinker at all. Now I have heard the occasional good thing about coffee. I want to point out though that anything in excess can be problematic so don't go over board or anything of course. Still I have heard good things and now this one takes the cake. Coffee may help keep skin cancer away. You read that right. According to MSNBC caffeine kills off human cells damaged by ultraviolet light. Rather than quote the whole article I'll link you to it.

This is interesting to me. I like the idea of coffee fighting off cells damaged by the sun. I know there are all kinds of ideas out there on how to fight cancer. There wasn't a thing I could do about mine. We still have no idea what causes it. If I had some clue maybe I could feel like I was doing something to prevent it from recurring...but really what can I do? There isn't a thing and it's a helpless feeling. So in the mean time I do like reading about how to just take care of my body and preventative measures I can take to prevent cancer in general.


Bill said...

very interesting Tammy i did not know this. I am glad i am a coffee drinker also. have a great one.

umeko said...

nice info. thnks for sharing

Glen said...

your blog is great. The title is interesting and it made me wait while dropping my entrecard to check your site out.:)

Unknown said...

I've read that coffee is healthier for you than previously thought, but I prefer green tea, lots of it.
Have you tried it?


Unknown said...

I have never heard of that but now I can drink up! I, like you, didn't use to drink coffee too often and usually it was the Starbucks nonfat blended but now I'm nothing without my coffee. The kids know not to bug me til I've had my two.. Thats bad..♥

BK said...

Yes, I think the most important point here is, "every in excess can be problematic." Everything should be consumed in moderation, even when it is good for our healths.

Viveca Stone-Berry said...

I have to have my one cup of coffee in the morning. I used to have a pot of coffee all-day-long, now that was another life-time ago.

I recommend that you look into the Blood Type Diet ... some blood types really need to stay away from coffee.

My blood type on the other hand does quite well with that moderate cup of java.

I am also mentioning the blood type diet because I have been doing a lot of research on the topic of cancer lately - before that I was researching migraine headaches and fatigue.

The Blood Type Diet continues to show up as a highly beneficial tool for all. Another piece that really clicks is food combining. I posted specific, simple "how to" info on that this week on my blog.

Best to you!


Stephanie said...

i say a good cup of coffee every now and again never hurt anyone! I even read somewhere that coffee had certain antioxidants in it...

- Stephanie @

Mommy Jes said...

i used to be a coffee drinker before but since i am acidic I stopped drinking coffee now =( i miss it! i love coffee!